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April 15, 2015 – April 19, 2015

Maritim Pine Beach Hotel, Antalya, Turkey

Official congress language is English and Turkish. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided.

If requested, invitation letters will be sent by Valör Congress Organizations.

• Presentation at the congress as a poster presentation
Poster presentations should be prepared with the size of 70 cm (width) x 90 cm (height).
Oral presentations should be prepared 10 minutes in total; 8 min. for speech and 2 min. for discussion.

• Publication in the congress supplement to the journal Bulletin of Clinical Psychopharmacology

Antalya which means “the home of Attalos” is believed to be founded by Attalos II. According to tradition, in the 2nd century BC the Pergamon king Attalos II ordered his men to find "heaven on earth". After an extensive search, they discovered the region of Antalya. Attalos rebuilt the city, giving it the name "Attaleia" which later mutated in Turkish as Adalia and then Antalya. Attalia which was accepted as the centre of episcopacy during the Byzantine period made great advancements after possessed by Turks in 13th century AD. As the modern city is located on the ancient settlement past and present are in unison.

Because of the archaeological and natural riches of the area, Antalya is also known as the Turkish Riviera. The sun, sea, nature and history combine to form a very popular resort, highlighted by some of the cleanest beaches in the Mediterranean. The 630km shoreline of the province is liberally scattered with ancient cities, harbours, memorial tombs and beaches, secluded coves and lush forests, many of which are easily accessible from the city.

With its palm-lined boulevard, internationally-acclaimed marina, and old castle with traditional architecture, all set amidst a modern city, Antalya is a major tourist centre in Turkey. In addition to the wide selection of hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and shops, the city also plays host to a number of sporting events throughout the year, like international beach volleyball, triathlon, golf tournaments, archery, tennis and canoeing competitions. The Cultural Centre, which opened in 1995, hosts cultural and art events in the fields of music, theatre, and creative arts. The main area of interest in the city is central old quarter within the Roman walls, known as Kaleici, and there are many good museums.

Today the city is known for its advanced tourism and agriculture and also has been hosting a noteworthy event for Turkish cinema since 1963; International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival.

Antalya, on the part of the Mediterranean coast known as the Turkish Riviera, is a very busy airport and a primary link to this popular coastal region. Antalya sees huge numbers of charter flights, which bump its flight volume up into one of the most popular in our survey. It is possible to arrive in Antalya via direct and connecting flights of 268 airline companies from 52 different countries. For further information about Antalya International Airport please click

Distance to airport: 40 km.
Duration: 30 minutes
Distance to Antalya City Centre : 50 km.
Distance to Belek City Centre : 7 km.
Airport transfer services will be provided by Organizing Secretariat. Please visit Registration & Accommodation page.

Please check whether you require visa for travelling to Turkey before your travel. Most European countries are exempted from visa but if you require, your passports must be valid until the end of your stay. To ease visa procedures for citizens of the countries subject to visa regulations, visa counters are located in the arrival hall before passport check.
Please click here for detailed information about visa procedures and fees for countries.

Antalya has a Mediterranean Climate with hot and dry summers and mild and rainy winters.
Recorded average temperature is 25 °C in April. The weather could be also rainy so it would be good to be prepared for cool weather with a thin coat.

Official currency in Turkey is Turkish Lira ( / TL). But major credit cards are valid in country (Master Card, Visa, American Express). Banks are open from 09:00 to 17:00 and ATMs are available in hotels. Money exchange is available in hotel receptions and city centers.

Country code of Turkey is +90. City code of Antalya is 242.

Electricity is 220 V. in Turkey.